Understanding Jedi-Jedi

Having spent about 4 years in western Nigeria, the whole while engaged in clinical practice… I naturally got to contend a lot with the seemingly ‘universal entity’ at the time known as ‘Jedi-Jedi’.

Everybody apparently was all up about it and had no reservation with consistently dangling it in my face. Disconcerting however was the fact that no person I asked appeared to give what I’d have considered a clear idea/definition of what Jedi-Jedi actually was. I heard such descriptions as back pain, waist pain, watery/bloody stools and pile (haemorrhoids) in disturbingly varying combinations depending on whom I asked at the time. I at some point went online to ask and got some very helpful feedback.

So, this is what I know of Jedi-Jedi (subject to correction)… It’s the presence of haemorrhoids (pile) with its accompanying symptoms, often attributed to the consumption of sugary foods/drinks. This is the best definition I’m able to muster up… again, subject to correction.

The inevitable follow up of a Jedi-Jedi diagnosis is the consumption of a veritable cocktail herbal concoctions often soaked in alcohol known as Agbo-Jedi. I’m told it works, a fact I’m not particularly keen on contesting. Rather, I’d attempt a bit of plain clarification on what I know of the actual condition- HAEMORRHOID (PILE).

A haemorrhoid (pile) is nothing but a simple enlargement of the vein(s) within the rectum and anus. This enlargement may be subtle, or large enough to protrude out of the anus (sometimes referred to as ‘swollen anus’) and becomes visible especially when straining. Sometimes, the protrusion is there even without straining. It could be painful sometimes, and there could be bleeding notably seen in stools or the toilet tissue paper when it’s traumatized from exerted pressure or the hard stool itself (remember it’s simply an enlarged vein). There also be anal itching.

A pile is a structural problem, often resulting from anything that increases pressure in the rectum/anus such as straining while using the toilet, prolonged sitting on the toilet, prolonged diarrhea, weight problems as seen in obesity, pregnancy, having anal sex, regularly lifting heavy objects and low fibre diet. No outright ‘direct’ link to sugar intake.

If pile really were Jedi-Jedi, then the solution lies not in the herbal concoctions. Depending on the severity, it’s often a simple case of relieving the pressure… Soften the stool and viola! It gets better. Lots of fluids and fibre in the diet go a very long way in addressing haemorrhoids. They keep the stool soft and relieve the pressure/effort it takes in ‘letting go’ 🙂…. Of course, further medical/surgical may be necessary depending on its severity.

Note that not every case of anal bleeding is a result of haemorrhoids. Seek medical attention as there could be more sinister causes.

I’d be glad of any further clarification on what Jedi-Jedi is should my opinion of it (jedi-jedi = pile) be defective.

Dr Iniomor.

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