The benefit of Bitter Leaf

Bitter Leaf (Vernonia amygdalina) has different names across Africa. Some Nigerian tribes for example call it ‘ewuro’ in Yoruba, ‘onugbu’ in Igbo, (oriwo) in Edo, (chusar-doki) in Hausa, (etidot) in Ibibio, and (ityuna) inTiv. Bitter Leaf has abundant therapeutic benefits to human health. The leaf has antibacterial and antifungal properties which make it a good home remedy for several health problems such as dysentery, diarrhea, high blood pressure, and many others.

Bitter leaf has been used both as nutrition and treatment for centuries in Africa. The leaf has a wide range of usages in African traditional/herbal medicine and has been used in the controlling and treatment of a number of health situations. Bitter leaf contains flavonoid and other plant compounds that have nutritional values which promote overall health and treat various health conditions such as, Diabetes, Tuberculosis, Kidney health, clear fever and beneficial to the skin and much more.


1: Healthy lungs

In terms of inflammation illnesses? Bitter leaf water can be a good natural treatment for pneumonia and other lung diseases. The intake of bitter leaf juice can be beneficial for your body. It will easily fight bacteria and viruses and naturally help your lungs stay clean and healthy.

2: Lowers Body Heat

Bitter leaf helps in reducing fever. This can happen by consuming bitter leaf juice. This amazing plant is capable of reducing the body tension which in turn results in lower temperatures. You can bring to boil bitter leaves in water, add some honey if too harsh and drink such water a couple of times a day for better results.

3: Natural Cure for Diarrhea

Bitter leaf help combat digestion problems and diarrhea issues.:

4: Enhances detoxification

Bitter leaf helps in the detoxification of the kidney and liver. Bitter leaf help organ functions support their optimal functioning.  Bitter leaf is still used traditionally for managing  kidney related issues such as kidney stones as it promotes urine flow. 5: Natural fever reducer:

5: Management Of Fever

Bitter leaf has also been used traditionally for management of fever, especially in poor countries with a lack of access to essential medications and hard to reach locations in a given state who may not have any form of primary health care in their location. Fever can be deadly in babies as it can lead to irreversible brain damage or more. This, therefore, makes bitter leaf indispensable as a life-saver.

6:  Treats Diabetes

Bitter leaf  have versatile curative and medicinal properties that can treat and manage certain health conditions such as diabetes. it has been proven scientifically that bitter leaf contains plant combinations that contribute to its bitter taste and play a crucial role in reducing the blood sugar level and promoting normal insulin function.

7: Cure against high blood pressure

Bitter leaf helps in reducing high blood pressure. Traditionally, most people who have had situation of high blood pressure has be cure from this through the regular intake of bitter leaf juice.

8: Helps in inducing sleep

If you have insomnia? If you cannot fall asleep at night, the drink made of this incredible plant can help you get some sleep, feel relaxed and rested. However, this can only happen when taken constantly.

9: Improved fertility

Bitter lead helps in improving fertility. The plant has amazing detoxification properties and can be used for fastening regeneration.

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