So, there are definitive steps to preventing the acquisition of HIV infection despite lifestyle choices that may prove highly risky by predetermined scales.

This involves the use of certain unique medications which are safe, free of charge and effective, recommended for use among a select group of people.

That’s right… drugs come in handy not only for treatment (which in itself is a form of prevention🙂) but also for outright prevention in the most primal sense of the word. The emphasis here is on what is referred to as PrEP.

PrEP stands for ‘Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis. I know it’s a bit of jargon, but bear with me for just a little bit…

PrEP entails having people adjudged to be under considerable present and ongoing risk after having been determined to be HIV negative, taking a very simple regimen of medication which helps them significantly limit the chances of HIV infection for as long as the established risk persists. Noteworthy here is the PERSISTENCE of the risk…

Who qualifies as being under present and persisting risk?

Sexual partner(s) of a known HIV positive person; having multiple sexual contacts as would be the case with, but not restricted to sex workers (male or female);

Persisting participants of anal sexual activity as seen among gay and bisexual men; people who inject hard drugs…

Belonging to any of the categories above signifies a significant and ongoing risk for HIV infection, thus categorically qualifies for PrEP for as long as the risk persists.

The caveat however is that the person must be first determined to be HIV negative, hence the rationale for a prevention course. All positive persons should commence immediate and definitive HIV treatment (which I’d state here with all certainty to be safe, free and highly effective).

The emphasis of this conversation is not on illuminating age-old modules of stigmatization, but simply to draw attention to one more readily available tool for the purpose of ensuring and assuring a full, healthy and fruitful life regardless of lifestyle choices.

Please note that there are trained personnel to give further insight if needs be. Reach out privately to your doctor as I well understand the sensitivity of the subject matter.

Dr Iniomor.

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