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Malaria and Typhoid are not siblings. They do not come from the same mother. They aren’t tied at the hips. Diagnosis of one need not be accompanied by the other as there are many other conditions to be mindful of…UTI, Genital tract infection, hepatitis, pancreatitis, conjunctivitis… just to name a few. So why the dogged consciousness of Typhoid/malaria?

A little probing often reveals the expected sequence of events… a feeling of malaise/generally sense of not feeling well, and boom! Straight to the pharmacy (and even some hospitals) where the now uniquely Nigerian staple of Malaria & Typhoid is diagnosed. What clearly follows next is the barrage of not just antibiotics, but needless injectables (‘injections’) for a person who otherwise is stable. There sometimes is the added bonus of needless intravenous infusion(s).

The true tragedy of it all is the consequence of such irresponsible and irrational use of antimicrobials for malaria and typhoid. Every Tom, Dick and Harry suddenly is in a position to exploit quackery, feeding the public exactly what they’re increasingly primed to hear.

While I can’t say it all here, I’d advise everyone to do some basic research, and seek medical advice/remedies from the right sources.

Dr Iniomor.

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