Dear Edo State Indigene,

I want to believe you understand the dividend of democracy, good governance and the role it plays to bring about change in the growth and development of a State.

Take a stock of all the past governors with no exceptions to your beloved Chief Lucky Igbenedion, Prof. Oserheimen Osunbor, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole, and Godwin Obaseki; these administrations have never in any way contribute evidently to improve the lives of the people and the GROWTH of Edo Sate.

There is a reason Edo state is called the heart beat of the nation “HEART” beat; meaning the LIVE line of Nigeria, if Edo State is to shut its boarders now, will Nigeria feel any impact? Can we self-sustain ourselves? Will industries feel any form of decline, are we in anyway contributing irreplaceable value to Nigeria’s economy? What are we known for? How are we scaling that to improve the lives of the people?

There has been a constant increase of graduates from the prestigious universities across the state, yet, all have either migrated to other regions for greener pastures, our population keeps declining and no one cares about its implications whatsoever, and this includes:

  • Little or no viable economic profiling
  • Low purchasing power parity
  • Low income driven sectors
  • Thriving decayed civil sector
  • Low Tech penetration
  • Poor Education
  • Unscalable enterprises
  • Zero comparative advantage
  • Increase unemploymate rate and many more.

Yet, your past and present governors take pride in road infrastructure, painting of schools (not renovation), a vicious circle of political manifestos proposed as dividend during election year. Same people, Same circle and guess what you will achieve same result – Another wasted four years of celebrating recurring road construction projects and waste of public funds.

Do you realise a 35year old can now run for office as Executive Governor of a State courtesy the “NotTooYoungToRunBill”. Insanity is doing thesame thing continuously and expect a different result. Now is another opportunity to try something new!

Someone who will prioritize “We the People Mantra” :

  • Increase universal access to opportunities
  • Actual job creation
  • Equitable policies for state growth
  • Grow the entrepreneurship eco system
  • Build more infrastructures
  • Promote value addition through
  • Increase IGR by 50%
  • Overhaul the Educational curriculum
  • Overhaul the state PHCs
  • Contribute more to the nations GDP
  • Increase direct Trade and investments

Where are the young political surrogates who fought on behalf of political godfathers for peanuts yet became jobless after the election year? Root for your kind, a competent, young and promising man or woman to change the narrative. Remember a lot can happen in four years.

Only in Africa will thieves be regrouping to loot again, and the youth whose future is being stolen will be celebrating it – Prof. Wole soyinka

Does Edo State have what it takes to become more? Yes. Can the current leadership circle make that happen? NO. We need to be more deliberate this time and only the youth can. Stop celebrating nonsense.

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