Covid-19 and its Ripple Effect for a New World

I am worried that COVID-19 isn’t truly what the media is telling us, or the junk narrative the world is making us consume. 

Don’t worry, it’s going to challenge the very idea of existence, your knowledge, everything you think you know.

The Universal Digital Identity meeting side event at the Last DAVOS World Economic Forum in Switzerland was the concluding plan for 1st phase implementation of the new world economy participants? All world leaders including FGN.

Don’t worry, it’s not the end of the world yet. But “Normal” as we know it is over. This is not to scare anyone, but some of you may already know this – a new world order has risen. It won’t be felt instantly, but eventually. Your lockdown is the first phase of disruption, a pilot of the new transition.

The 218-page report from the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development Proposes New “Global Currency” The United Nations would like the dollar, euro, yen, and other national currencies to be succeeded by a new “global currency. The report suggested that the dollar’s outsize role in international finance has ended — and says that it’s time to invent a successor currency that would be managed by a “Global Reserve Bank.” 

The world currency isn’t going to be Paper currency notes. It’s a Digital Currency.

Remember the World Economic Forum ‘Universal Digital Identity Meeting’

at Davos? The New World is strictly going to be digital, meaning everything which includes the commercialization of all the hybrid Technologies for a lot of things, driverless cars and trucks, automation of 90% of industries, machine learning, AI’s literally the entire IoT’s value chain will be deployed and it will be called the “5th Industrial Revolution” and the emergence of the commercial use of 5th Generation Technology networks.

The New World is engineered to be super-fast because of the volume of data mining, Processing, Analytics, and control, hence the need for a 5G Technology.

All these are great for the Future right? But what are 5G and the implication of its use? Research has shown implications of transitioning into a new industrial revolution.

As a popular saying goes, nothing in the world happens by mistake, everything you see, know and use are deliberate, created to help further the advancement of a New World is it a bad thing? No. But what we are not told is the ‘truth’ why innocent people die because of this quest. Everything is concealed, narratives changed, even the media is a culprit.

Radio waves were first predicted by mathematical work done in 1867 by British mathematical physicist James Clerk Maxwell, His mathematical theory, now called Maxwell’s equations, ‘predicted’ that a coupled electric and magnetic field could travel through space as an “electromagnetic wave”.

In 1914 – 1916 was the emergence of Radio waves and two years after, in 1918, the effect of the radiation from the electromagnetic wave resulted in the ‘Spanish Flu outbreak’. While the world was told a different story, this was a reaction from inventions and Tech exploration. 

In context: Oil exploration = Environmental Degradation.

In 2003 3G was introduced and the effect of the radiation from the electromagnetic wave resulted in the ‘SARS Outbreak’, while the world was told a different story, this was a reaction from inventions and more Tech exploration.

But what is SARS? – It’s a Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome-related Virus.

Its species of coronavirus. It only makes sense for the world to need and order for new Ventilators? In every advancement of Technology, the radiations and frequencies are altered and it mutates and sometimes becomes lethal.

In 2009 4G was introduced to the world and the effect of the radiation from the electromagnetic wave resulted in what was called the Swine Flu outbreak. While the world was told a different story, this was a reaction from inventions and more Tech exploration.

5G is here and of cause with the COVID-19 pandemic. The peculiarity of 5G radiation is “like I explained” for every improvement made, its reaction mutates and can sometimes be lethal. 

This time, 5G radiation alters weak immune systems and this causes mutation of organisms, pathogens in the body and that can be infectious directly from humans to humans.

However, this is not a problem. The problem is mitigating and containing the virus by the introduction of a Vaccine. But how is the Vaccine the problem? Remember the World Economic forum ‘Universal Digital Identity Meeting’? That meeting was chaired by Bill Gates. For those who don’t know, Bill Gates is big on ‘Vaccines’ and the future of Technology.

Guess who has funded and will be deploying the distribution of these vaccines? Yea -Bill Gates.

What would the Vaccines do?

Since the New World will be fully digitized: Literally One Currency, One Universal Identity, One Government One Citizenship. The Vaccine has 24hrs to plug you into a data grid which would do the following including three basic functionalities:

– Biometric identity database 

– Virtual payment features and 

– Digital payment interoperability

You would say God forbid “I won’t take any of the vaccines”

But you see, in order for such an unethical invasion of privacy, and to track people like China does “social policing” – google this, you need a problem big enough for that type of solution which will disguise itself as ‘safety and security measures’.

So because Corona Virus kills and puts people at risk, the only prevention will be Vaccination and because you don’t want to die, you will voluntarily go get vaccinated.

Now here is the problem. You can now be monitored, controlled, your thoughts are known, they can decide to depopulate an entire region or country (like a power switch).

Refusal of the vaccine could lead to ostracization, this won’t be by any human but by ‘radiation’ and the COVID-19 complications. You literally cannot do any transactions because you won’t have access to the digital currency. Does this sound familiar in the BIBLE?

By Kelvin O.

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