Anal Sex and HIV Infection

Everybody knows HIV is transmitted via ‘contact’ with varied body fluids (vaginal fluid, ‘semen fluid’, blood, rectal fluid, etc), and we certainly know that these transmissions are overwhelmingly wrought via heterosexual intercourse (between man and woman). This is common knowledge and simple enough to grasp🙂… Right? Actual transmission happens when the source of the virus …

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Understanding Jedi-Jedi

Having spent about 4 years in western Nigeria, the whole while engaged in clinical practice… I naturally got to contend a lot with the seemingly ‘universal entity’ at the time known as ‘Jedi-Jedi’. Everybody apparently was all up about it and had no reservation with consistently dangling it in my face. Disconcerting however was the …

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Foundation Launches App to Report Emergency Situations

The CANs Foundation, also known as the centre for Civic citizens’ Welfare and Community Development Africa (CWCDA), has launched an app to assist Nigerians in emergency situations in the country. Co-Founder and Executive Director, Olajide Abiose, said at the launch of the app in Abuja, that the app, known as ‘Backup’, was developed with the …

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